Welcome to the Chanticleer Vineyard Bed and Breakfast located on the Kindred Oak Farm. The B&B was created under the loving eye of Carolyn Stewart-Snow and Roland Snow. They meticulously cared for and ran this inn for 20 years. During those years they had many guests, over 4000 to be exact. Their attention to detail as hosts, brought back over 500 return guests.

In June of 2019, my husband Robert and I purchased the home and the B&B from Carolyn and Roland. We have big dreams for this place and even bigger shoes to fill picking up where Carolyn and Roland left off! We will eventually incorporate the Chanticleer into the Kindred Oak Farm family by rebranding it to its new name Kindred Oak Farm. Our vision also will have the 20 acres of our Kindred Oak Farm be a working farm with organic gardens, a vineyard, orchard and even cut flower garden all while hosting guests and future events at the former Chanticleer Vineyard B&B. The Farm will eventually provide our B&B with the majority of the ingredients we will serve, as well as the local restaurants and farmer markets.

While the name is changing, the mission continues to provide our guests with a top quality, peaceful, four star retreat.

While Carolyn isn’t doing the cooking in the morning my breakfasts will still feature recipes that are healthful with ingredients that are fresh, organic and locally sourced.

While the ownership has changed, the legacy continues. The kindred spirits of the Snow’s and the Peach’s has created the Kindred Oaks Farm.